Terry McAuliffe, All That Was Wrong With the Democratic Party

Terry McAuliffe is a shady, backroom dealer already? He hasn't even won anything yet! Then again, he worked with Mark Penn & Howard Wolfson for how long? The DLC is dead, Terry. Long live the Democratic Party.

This is from another piece I meant to blog about the other day ...and forgot -- by HuffPo's Mark Nickolas:

One person who typifies all that was wrong with the Democratic Party over the previous decade was former DNC Chairman -- and big money fundraiser -- Terry McAuliffe. Under his leadership, the DNC atrophied after the 2000 elections and suffered through one of its most disastrous runs in a generation (2001-2005) when it gave President Bush a majority in both houses of Congress (handing back the Senate to the GOP in 2002), lost ground in the state houses, and wholly failed to push back on the Bush-Cheney war machine.

Now, McAuliffe is running for Virginia governor. The fact that Virginia has no campaign contribution limits means that the former DNC and Clinton money man is able to accept numerous individual contributions in excess of $100,000 from the same big dollar donors that helped to nearly sink the DNC during his disastrous tenure. And beyond his big money obsession, McAuliffe's political philosophy has always been rooted in quick sand, always shifting to suit the moment's hoped-for outcome. Recall these moments (here and here) when he was Hillary Clinton's chief media surrogates during her presidential campaign's free fall last year.

So, I guess it should come as no surprise when McAuliffe is exposed for being every bit the shady backroom dealer we expected:


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