Ten Pounds of Stupid in a Five-Pound Bag

DKos' Meteor Blades looks at the Republican's joke of an alternative to the Democrats American Clean Energy and Security Act, offered by the usual global warming deniers & ostriches:

The newly released American Energy Act, the Republican alternative to the Democrats' American Clean Energy and Security Act, has clambered aboard the denialist bandwagon on climate change. The GOP plan for controlling greenhouse gases? Don't.


What the Republicans don't love, as Brad Johnson at Think Progress's Wonk Room pointed out last night, is any control over greenhouse gases. That little tidbit is tucked away in section 502 on page 148 of the the 152-page plan:


Previously, the denialists in and out of Congress have pretty much stuck to the idea that we don't know if the human-caused production of greenhouse gases will have grave environmental consequences. But now it's as if Senator Jim Inhofe has taken over the Republican Party and is saying, we don't care if there are any consequences, we're going to prohibit the government from taking them into consideration.


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