Tancredo, Buchanan Bruised by Racist ‘Karate Chop’

Tom Tancredo & Pat Buchanan, outright racist themselves, are knee-deep in hypocrisy when it comes to their racist present....

How MSNBC keeps Buchanan as a regular guest is beyond my comprehension. It has to be embarrassing the the hoses who have to subject themselves to panel that he participates in. Pretending he is just that crazy uncle only works for so long.

Buchanan is an outright homophobic, xenophobic racist and EVERYONE knows it. And all Tom Tancredo needs is to put on the hood we all know he has in the trunk of his car.

The Washington Independent has the whole sorted affair:

Amid aide's guilty plea in assault case, 'racist' attacks backfire on Sotomayor foes

Epstein was, and still is, one of the utility players in the immigration restrictionist fringe of the conservative movement, the executive director of both Pat Buchanan’s American Cause and former Rep. Tom Tancredo’s (R-Colo.) Team America PAC. Before and after the 2007 incident, Epstein worked (in an unofficial capacity) with Tancredo on his immigration-focused presidential campaign. He organized policy debates between conservative writers and leaders, including one with Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) that was broadcast on C-SPAN. Epstein built coalitions and hobnobbed at Washington parties without much trouble, despite a record of controversial race- and immigration-focused writings and awareness that something bad — the details weren’t clear — had happened in 2007 that convinced him to go on the wagon.

“In college you have this culture of drinking all the time, and he kicked it cold,” said Kevin DeAnna, a friend of Epstein and the founder of Youth for Western Civilization, a student group founded in 2008 of which Tancredo is the honorary chairman. “It’s unfortunate that he’s getting hit from this now, years after he stopped doing this kind of thing.”

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