Sotomayor is more popular Rush; even in the South!

Some new polling has come out from Research2000 for DailyKos, and not only are the GOP's talking points on Judge Soto mayor a huge bust (only 8% think she's a racist) -- Bravo, Newt! Bravo! -- but, the Judge is more popular than the big, fat drug-addicted, sweaty one...even in the South!

Don't you just love the Permanent Republican Majority?

From DK:

Remember how our new best friend Manny Miranda said the following about the Sotomayor debate?

“Hispanic polls, Hispanic surveys, indicate that Hispanics think just like everyone else. We’re not like African-Americans. We think just like everybody else...

Keep that in mind as you look at the following results, which show that the GOP's campaign against Sotomayor has been a huge fizzle.

Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 5/31-6/4. All adults. MoE 2% (No trend lines)

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Sonia Sotomayor?

Fav Unfav

All: 56 29

Dem: 81 6
Rep: 18 73
Ind: 57 25

White: 48 38
Black: 70 9
Latino: 82 5 (See that, Manny?)

Northeast: 67 16
Midwest: 59 25
West: 57 26
South: 45 44


And a bonus finding:

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Rush Limbaugh?

Fav Unfav

All: 27 65

Dem: 10 84
Rep: 64 30
Ind: 22 68

White: 37 57
Black: 2 92
Latino: 3 77

Northeast: 14 80
Midwest: 23 71
West: 25 70
South: 42 45

Sotomayor is more popular than Rush even in the South.

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