Someone spiked Morning Doucheborough's Coffee: Lambastes McCain And Graham On Iran

Joe Doucheborough want so badly to be taken seriously by real republicans he often times forgets his place: next to Glenn Beck, he's the dumbest GOPer on the teevees and there's no help for his kind of inbred ignorance.

But, he sure does know how to parrot his party's intelligentsia from time to time. Douchey want a cracker?

From ThinkProgress:

MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough broke ranks and called the senators’ criticism “an exercise in doing things that make us feel good about ourselves” while labeling it “outrageous.” Scarborough — called the “new face” of the GOP by Christopher Buckley — went on to say that those rebelling in Iran would be punished more severely if Obama were to follow M cCain’s advice:

Despite McCain and Graham’s claims to the contrary, Obama has expressed U.S. disapproval of the Iranian government’s actions. Obama released a statement on Saturday condemning the violation of human rights while steering clear of the politics. In an interview with CBS’ Early Show this morning, Obama responded similarly to Scarborough, saying the U.S. has to guard against being used as a scapegoat by the Iranian regime:

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