Sen. Max Baucus & The Wolves (Video)

Sen. Max Baucus is as corrupt as they come. He has absolutely NO intention of allowing a Public Option pass out through his committee and is doing everything humanly possible to ensure that it doesn't.

As DKos' nyceve says, "You should have no doubt why the health needs of the American people took a very distant back seat this week at the Senate Finance Committee (matter of fact, the American people got no seat), to the special interests who shower him with money."

From Lee Stranahan:

Senator Max Baucus threw a little party in the woods of Montana instead of delivering a health care reform bill ...It only cost $2,500 per person to frolic in the forest with the Senator...

A price that health industry lobbyists gladly...since Max Baucus is the biggest recipient of their money....

So listen closely, children...That's the sound of health care reform being killed..

See more from Lee @ LeeStranahan.com
You can read from from nyceve in her piece, Does Max Baucus think we're ignorant fools? You bet he does.

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