Republican Party Bankrupt; Reorganizes As A Church

A little snark (not all that far from reality unfortunately) about the GOP's hard turn toward religion as a political party dwindle into nothingness, from Lee Stranahan. At least the GOP will be able to save money with their tax exempt status, no?

From HuffPo's Lee Stranahan:

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Troubled by dwindling membership and numerous setbacks, the 155 year-old Republican Party filed for financial, intellectual and moral bankruptcy and announced its reorganization as a tax-exempt church. The new GOP will be officially called The First Church Of Jesus Loves America And Latter Day Lower Taxes Anti Foreigner Old Time Heterosexual Do As I say Not As I Do Affluence Ministry Hoop N' Hollerin' Revival Gun Lovin' Banker's Club Outreach Hootenanny, Inc but will still use the name "Republican Party" for most functions.

Experts think that few consumers will notice any difference.

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