Politico leaves out minor detail: It's Luntz -- not Obama -- who's talking about a "Washington takeover" of health care

Media Matters calls out Politico for 'forgetting to mention' in a report that included comments from GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander criticizing Obama's health care - calling it a "Washington takeover" -- that only one person has ever talked bout a "Washington takeover" of health care: GOP Pollster, Frank Luntz.

In a June 15 article, Politico reported that Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) "predicted that Americans would begin to sour on President Barack Obama's call for a public option" for health care, and then uncritically quoted Alexander stating: " 'Washington takeover' are two words we've been hearing a lot from the Obama Administration these days." The article did not mention that Obama has explicitly disavowed a "Washington takeover" of health care, including during a June 15 speech before the American Medical Association in which he described "warnings about ... government takeovers" as part of reform opponents' "scare tactics and fear-mongering." In fact, it is GOP consultant Frank Luntz who has urged Republicans to attack Obama's plan as a "Washington takeover" of health care, penning a memo titled "The Language of Healthcare 2009: The 10 Rules for Stopping the 'Washington Takeover' of Healthcare," as Politico itself reported in May. Indeed, Alexander has reportedly acknowledged that he and other Senate Republicans have met with Luntz, whom Alexander described as "a useful wordsmith."

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