Pawlenty pledges swift certification of Minnesota's Senate results to MSNBC's Mitchell, but waffles with Fox's Cavuto.

Today, Minnesota Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, pledge to MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, that he'd certify the Senate results once the State Supreme Court rules. Which would mean Democrats have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate since the courts will undoubtedly rule in Democrat Al Franken's favor over Norm Coleman.

From DKTV:

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Or not...

Today Minnesota Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, in a interview with Flailing Business Channel's Neil Cavuto, waffled when asked about certifying the Senate results once the State Supreme Court rules.

From TPM:

Pawlenty appeared this afternoon on the Neil Cavuto show, and Cavuto observed that Pawlenty's decision to not run for a third term, which many people see as a possible lead-up to a presidential campaign in 2012, also frees him up to fight for Norm Coleman. Pawlenty denied that he would behave in such a manner -- but he did point out some possible circumstances that could hold things up further:

"So you could be signing a certificate that would turn that Senate seat over to the Democrat Al Franken?" Cavuto asked. "And that would probably not suit you well."

"Well, I hope not, but you know I have to follow the law," Pawlenty responded. "You know, Neil, if the Minnesota Supreme Court says, 'You sign the certificate' -- and there's not an appeal or some other contrary direction from a federal court -- you know, that's my duty."

So, which is it Tim? Make up your fucking mind.

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