Newt Gingrich Reaches His "Sell-By" Date

Sour milk. That's Newt.

From The Nation's John Nichols:

It is always difficult to pinpoint the precise moment when a politician reaches his "sell-by" date.

We have seen some remarkable comebacks in America.

Richard Nixon, defeated for president and then governor of California, returned to win the presidency -- and then when he was forced from the White House repositioned himself as something of an elder-statesman.

Joe Biden, forced out of the presidential race of 1988 and then defeated decisively in the presidential race of 2008, finally got to the White House in 2009 as the vice president.

So a lot of things are possible.

But it seems safe to say that New Gingrich has nothing left to add to the discussion.

The truth is that Gingrich may have been finished a long time ago.

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