"Meghan McCain is in WAY over her head re: Sanford"

DKos' Brainwrap has a great analysis about the silliness that is Meghan McCain - who has now seen fit to wade into the Mark Sanford affair with both guns blazing. Problem is, her guns are loaded with blanks:

...she's also hopelessly out of her depth in trying to be a Serious Political Pundit®. This was shown, painfully, on a recent episode of Bill Maher's show, where Paul Begala (who I'm not usually too keen on) schooled her swiftly and simply about not knowing her history.

Today, she's given another even more blatant example of her cluelessness.


...and then into the same lying, disingenuous stance that the rest of her party has taken in recent years:

when these same politicians fall from grace—especially in the South—we demand that they leave office immediately.

Really? "Especially in the South"? David Vitter, anyone?

(Unlike, say, Eliot Spitzer, Governor Sanford didn’t do anything illegal. If he were to be convicted of misusing state funds for traveling to Argentina, then, of course, it is a different matter entirely and he should step down. )

Meghan, Meghan, Meghan...do you really have to make it so easy?

  1. As others have pointed out already, adultery is still a crime in South Carolina. I'm sure it hasn't been enforced in decades, but if Sanford wanted to sing Hello, Buenos Aries, he should have seen to it that the law was overturned first.
  1. Sanford failed to inform anyone, including his own staff, Chief of Staff, head of security, or Lt. Governor, of his whereabouts, nor did he give them any means of contacting him. His original flight itinerary was supposed to be for a full 10 days, not the 5 that he was gone for. Furthermore, he failed to transfer power over to his Lt. Governor during his absence (over 10,000 miles away).
I'm disappointed. The writing level is that of a high school English student, her arguments are specious at best, and for someone who's supposed to represent the "sane, reasonable" side of the GOP, she comes off as something of a twit (without the "ter") here.

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