Media Stenographers Once Again Stoke Fears That Obama is Too Close to Muslim World

The bad news? The right-wing is on the attack in an even more vicious and outlandish way than at any time in recent memory, and as usual, like with this new & improved 'he's too close to the Muslims" line of attack, their media stenographers are all too happy to play along. It is good ratings of course.

The good news? The public isn't buying what they are selling. And, the really good news? We have folks like Media Matters producing pieces like this one (and the next few I'm about to post). This time, the GOP, the Permanent Republican Majority, isn't going to get away with trying to take down a president. Not this time. Not without ha fight.

From Media Matters:

In covering President Obama's second overseas trip to Europe and the Middle East, the media have used the trip to stoke fears that he may be too close to the Muslim world or harbors a secret, anti-American agenda. For example, on the June 4 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh stated of Obama's trip: "[H]e pretty much told them today that he's one of them, he's got Muslim roots, he grew up -- three different countries with Muslim people, relatives and so forth. Then he says he's gonna close Guantánamo. 'We're gonna stop the torture. I've made it unequivocally illegal, and we're gonna close Guantánamo Bay.' Of course, that's -- we're harming ourselves. That's why they love him."

This theme follows a series of baseless smears from the presidential campaign intended to stoke fears about Obama's background and sow suspicions that, as ABC News' senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper noted, Obama was "some sort of Muslim Manchurian candidate," including that he was educated in a radical madrassa and that he is a Muslim and not a Christian.

Media Matters for America has identified numerous recent examples of media figures reviving negative references to Obama and Islam, including the following:


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