Media Matters: Driving Them Crazy For Five Years

Happy 5th Anniversary Media Matters! You're definitively "doing something right."

Driving Them Crazy For Five Years

This morning David Brock, founder and CEO of Media Matters, sent an email to supporters that said in part: "Scum-sucking vermin".. "Insane".. "Brownshirts".. "Swine".. "Little nerdlings".. "Guttersnipes".. "Little Nazi block-watchers.." That's just a sampling of what Media Matters for America has been called by right-wing media figures...


I founded Media Matters in 2004 because, at the time, there was no organization devoted to monitoring and correcting conservative misinformation and propaganda in the media in real time, and because there was no group dedicated to fighting back against the efforts of hate-mongers to twist journalism to their ends. And in spite of the attacks against us, Media Matters has been able to sharpen and increase its influence on the media every year. Given the reactions we've seen from the conservative echo chamber, it's clear we are having an impact. Help us continue our fight today so that we can hold them accountable tomorrow.

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