Max Baucus is the Enemy Of Good Health Care Reform, Not It's Friend.

from AmericaBlog calls bull on the his that is Max Baucus fighting for real health care reform. The truth is, Baucus has head the best healt care in the world for 30 years now and has some fucking nerve trying to cheat Maerican's out of having the same, not matter how much payola he recieved from the insurance industry.

Here's Joe in his piece, Senator Max Baucus, insurance industry lackey, has had taxpayer financed benefits for most of his adult life:

Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) is one of the most important players in the health care reform debate as the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee. He's screwing it up.
Baucus is also the biggest beneficiary of insurance industry money: As Sen. Max Baucus has taken the lead on health-reform legislation in the U.S. Senate, he's also become a leader in something else: Campaign money received from health- and insurance-industry interests.

In the past six years, nearly one-fourth of every dime raised by Baucus, D-Mont., and his political-action committee has come from groups and individuals associated with drug companies, insurers, hospitals, medical-supply firms, health-service companies and other health professionals.

These donations total about $3.4 million, or $1,500 a day, every day, from January 2003 through 2008.
They've got Baucus doing their bidding.


Today's Washington Post explains that one good reason to work for the federal government is the "generous" benefits (to which members of Congress have access). On health care, the Post tells us:
The Federal Employee Health Benefits Program offers the widest selection of health-care plans of any U.S. employer. Federal employees also have access to vision and dental plans, life insurance, flexible-spending accounts and long-term care plans.
That's what Baucus has had access to since he entered Congress over thirty years ago.

It's time to take the health care away from members of congress.

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