Leader Limbaugh: Chalk One Up to Obama, DNC

Tom Schaller at FiveThirtyEight.com looks at President Obama's and the Democrats' successful attempt to anoint the big fat, drug-addicted sweat on as the default leader of the GOP :

A thinly-veiled and loosely concerted campaign by the Democratic National Committee and the Obama Administration to turn radio host Rush Limbaugh into the Republican Party's unofficial leader seems to have worked.

In March, following Limbaugh's CPAC speech in Washington, it was hard to turn on the television without seeing top Republican leaders squirm in response to questions about Rush's influence on the party. And now comes a new Gallup poll showing that Limbaugh tops the list--not only among Democrats, but Republicans and all national adults surveyed--as the figure identified as "the main person speaking for the Republican Party today."


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