Is Fox News big enough for Shep Smith and Glenn Beck?

Media Matters' Eric Boehlert looks at the effect praise from liberal columnists such as Paul Krugman and Frank Rich might have on Fox News' Sheppard Smith - particularly after Smith took on pretty much everyone at the network (and their viewers) when he spoke out about the recent spat of domestic terrorism -- and his fellow Fox talking heads' attacks on the DHS reports warning of those attacks. He also looks at how several other times he spoke out against his network's lunacy, couple with these recent moements of sanity, bmight be putting his Fox career at risk.

From Eric Hoehlert:

It must have been an awkward elevator ride for Shep Smith over at Fox News headquarters last Friday, heading up to the 12th-floor studio where his Fox Report program originates. I'm just imagining the nasty looks he must have gotten from co-workers -- if any of them even agreed to ride between floors with him -- on the day that liberal New York Times columnist Paul Krugman praised Smith in print. Krugman actually referenced him by name as somebody inside Fox News who refused to go along with the "big hate": the right wing's anti-Obama rhetoric -- almost bloodlust -- that now dominates conservative discourse.

Talk about putting a target on the back of a Fox News anchor. A shout-out from the hated Times op-ed page? Things only got worse for Smith over the weekend when the Times' Frank Rich also singled out the Fox News anchor for praise. I mean, c'mon. Were Krugman and Rich trying to get the guy fired?!

In fact, even before being name-dropped by Times liberals, right-wing bloggers had already teed off on Smith ("Shep sucks"; "Shepard Smith has got to go") for having the nerve to call out the "crazies" on the fringe who were targeting President Obama and feeding off conspiratorial hate.


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