Ignorance Alert: Bush Needed Condi To Explain Biden's 'Articulate' Flap During Dem Primary

Just when I thought Bush's ignorance and disinterest in the world around him couldn't surprise me any further, comes this. According to Newsweek's Richard Wolffe new book on then candidate Barack Obama, Obama, Renegade: The Making Of A President, George W. Bush didn't know what the implications of Joe Biden describing Obama as "articulate and bright and clean" during the primary meant to many and he had to have Condoleezza Rice explain it to him.


Ignorance Alert from TPM's Justin Elliot:

Bush found himself perplexed by the flap over Joe Biden describing Obama as "articulate and bright and clean" in January 2007. So, naturally, the president turned to the top U.S. diplomat, the trusted Condi Rice, to explain what the heck this was all about.

Here's the tidbit from the first chapter of Wolffe's book:

Bush was so taken aback with the public criticism of Biden that he called in his African American secretary of state Condoleezza Rice. "I don't get it," he said. "Condi, what's going on?" Rice told him what everyone else had said: that white people don't call each other articulate.
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