How to remove Fox News from your Dish Network (and Tivo) program guide.

It's pretty easy to do with Tivo as well.

Go to Messages & Settings, then Settings, then Channels, then Channel list and finally "uncheck" the boxes next to the channels you don't want showing up in your channel guide. It works great for all the crap channels you never watch and are tired of scrolling through when looking for something to veg out too.

From DKos' Steaming Pile:

Most digital cable and direct broadcast satellite systems offer interactive program guides. Even DirecTV, which is owned by News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, offers the ability to create a customized version of the program guide that includes only the channels you care about. It\'s not quite as user-friendly as Dish Network, but it can be done.

The details on how to do this is at: http://tech.dishnetwork.com/... The short version follows:

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote to open the Main Menu. Depending on which receiver you have, you may have to select Preferences before getting to the next step.
  1. Select the Favorites option.
  1. Select the desired Favorite List.
  1. Select Modify List.
  1. From the channels list, highlight and select the desired channel(s). This may require a hardcopy of your program guide, but you should be able to recognize the abbreviations of most of your channels. Channels you don't get will be in some color other than cyan, so you won't be adding those to your favorite list.
  1. Select the Save option to save all changes to the Favorite List.

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