Hillary Clinton Smacks Down Israel's Secret Settlement Deal Claims

Hillary has publicly rejected Israeli's claim that they had a secret deal with Bush on settlements. This is actually pretty big news. Israel has just been slapped down by someone they can't claim is anti-Israel by any stretch of the imagination. And it was done in such a way that resets the rules from carte blanche, secret backroom deals to rules which say, what's said in public and agree to in public, is the ofifical deal. Period. No more winks and nods. That's now how fair brokers behave.

Well smell you, Ms. Hillary! Smell you!

Via TPM:

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is rejecting Israeli claims that the Bush Administration had secretly agreed to expanding Jewish settlements on the West Bank. "We have the negotiating record, that is the official record, that was turned over to the Obama administration by the outgoing Bush administration," said Clinton. "There is no memorialization of any informal and oral agreements."

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