GOP Leaders’ National Security Attacks On Obama Increasingly At Odds With Defense Professionals

Greg Sargent has noticed a trend. Military leaders (and top Republicans) are siding with President Obama over the GOP more & more. Gen. Colin Powell, Gen. David Petraeus, Sec. of Defense Robert Gates and National Security Advisor James Jones, along with big name GOPers Condoleezza Rice, Henry Kissinger & James Baker, have all come out in some form or another in support of the policies the President is implementing... or trying to implement. Whether it is about IMF funding, Guantánamo, Torture or Mirandizing terrorists, it's not the GOP that they're siding with. And that is in fact a major difference this time around with a Democrat in the White House.

From Greg Sagrent:

A striking trend worth watching: The national security attacks GOP leaders are lobbing at Obama are putting them increasingly at odds with former allies in Washington’s permanent Defense establishment, many of whom are agreeing with Obama and sometimes even condemning the GOP attacks as baseless.

[snipped examples]

We have ourselves a trend. And there will be more. It’s a clear sign that Obama’s national security positions (for good or for ill) are squarely in the mainstream of the D.C. Defense establishment. And it shows that the GOP’s need to attack those positions has forced Republican officials outside that mainstream, isolating them further and putting them at odds with its onetime allies in that establishment.

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