Gitmo Detainee Lawyer: “I’ve given up on American media.”

GottaLaff at The Political Carnival writes a powerful piece about a Kuwaiti man named Fayiz al-Kandari who has been “detained” for nearly 8 years and how our traditional media has yet to bother themselves with covering the story of this innocent mans plight -- despite all his lawyer, Major Barry D. Wingard, Jr., has done to get them to notice:

From GottaLaff:

I recently watched a chunk of so-called cable “news”. A tiff between Sarah Palin and David Letterman monopolized all three hours. Meanwhile, not one word was uttered about a Kuwaiti man named Fayiz al-Kandari who has been “detained” (read: tortured) in three different prisons for nearly 8 years.


Why am I (as opposed to say, the New York Times) the one putting this story out? Allow me to quote Major Wingard:
“I’ve given up on American media.”

While he does just fine by Al Jazeera and AFP overseas, here in the good ol’ U. S. of A., he can’t, for lack of better words, get arrested. The media is much too busy with Palin, Miss California, Palin, and Jon & Kate Plus 8. And Palin. Looks like Brian Williams and Newsweek are getting scooped by Middle Easterners and the French. Et moi.

Now back to our story, already in progress:

Al-Kandari went to Afghanistan in 2001 to provide humanitarian aid. But oops, his bounty hunters made some quick cash at his expense:

The evidence that has kept Fayiz locked up without charges for more than seven years is razor thin and questionable at best. Despite being subjected to harsh treatment and enhanced interrogation techniques, Fayiz’s story has remained consistent.
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