Fox Reporter Given A Taste Of Ambush Journalism (VIDEO)

The table were turned on Fox "news." One of their reporters got a taste of what's it's like to be the subject of the ambush journalism (see Think Progress' Andrea Terkel) Fox prides itself on. Let's just say the Fox "reporter," Griff Jenkins, didn't handle it all that well.

From Jason Linkin:

Adam Green of OpenLeft espied Fox's Griff Jenkins outside a convention for ACORN, a community organizing group who Fox is relentlessly working to depict as a band of Uruk-Hai bent on the destruction of Western civilization. Jenkins was dressed in a tuxedo (he likes to play dress-up!) and standing by a "red carpet" (actually, a sad red doormat), hoping to interview people for something that was sure to be substantive, given the set-up and artifice! So, Green turned the tables on Jenkins, and confronted him about whether Fox reporters are issued memos laden with GOP talking points! It all sort of gets under Jenkins' skin, just a little bit.


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