Diane Sawyer ♥ Frank Luntz's 28-Page Talking Points On How To Kill Health Care Reform

Former Nixon speechwriter and loyal aide, Diane Sawyer, seems to have cribbed a lot of her Propaganda-Fear-Mongering-Smear Campaigning -- from the 28 page talking point's report on how to kill Health Care Legislation produced by GOP operative Frank Luntz -- and brought it directly into her line of questioning on Good Morning America.

From HuffPo:

Republicans on and off Capitol Hill have made political hay out of ABC's decision to broadcast a series of interviews, stories, and even an Obama White House town hall meeting about the administration's strategy on health care reform. At various points, the network was accused of playing the role of presidential mouthpiece in exchange for increased access. Using the segment as a hook, Michael Steele, chairman of the RNC, launched a fundraising drive to get out the RNC's own message on health care.

Now, it is the progressives' turn to complain about the same series. A media watchdog group, Media Matters, has released an analysis of the first installment of the ABC series -- a Good Morning America segment headed by Diane Sawyer -- including critiques of the actual questions asked. In particular, the group draws parallels between the areas of Sawyer's interests and how the Republican strategist Frank Luntz framed his strategy to derail health care reform.


The similarities to Luntz, Media Matters says, are obvious. The conservative wordsmith, Luntz, wrote in a memo titled, "The Language of Healthcare 2009: The 10 Rules for Stopping the 'Washington Takeover' of Healthcare," that Republicans would be well served to warn of "some committee rationing care and telling people what they can and can't have."

Media Matters goes on from there to raise several objections with the lines of Sawyer's interview, again drawing parallels to Luntz's demonization of government bureaucrats getting between doctors and families....

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