Democrats and Political Homophobia: The Enemies Within

AmericaBlog's Joe Sudbay has a point here. It's not the blatant homophobes that are standing in the way of gay rights, it's Democratic leadership and their overpaid consultants who don't see any political upside to following through on promises made during campaign after campaign after campaign - because they never have to deal with any real consequences. I think time are changing however and with people like Joe Sudbay and John Aravosis, we just might be able to hod oure "friends" accountable this time around.

From Joe:

We all know practitioners of homophobia -- mostly Republicans, right-wingers, Catholic leaders, etc.

There is, however, a version of homophobia that is much more insidious: Political Homophobia.

Political homophobes aren't gay-hating in the traditional sense. In fact, publicly, most are strong supporters of LGBT equality. But, behind closed doors, many Democratic leaders, consultants, Hill staffers and the rest will vociferously argue that there is no political benefit to actually supporting LGBT rights. Political homophobia is rampant among some Democrats. In some ways, it's worse than blatant homophobia, since we think most Democrats are on our side. And outwardly, they are.

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