It's almost over. Cornyn Lowers Expectations For Coleman Recount Appeal

I think Sen John Cornyn has just figured out how to count. He doesn't have the money to continue fighting what he know to be a losing battle. The NRSC has already wasted nearly 3/4 million dollars. They can't afford to waster any more on a man who even if he tried to take the case to the Supreme court, will still lose. I also think Coleman know this as well, which is why Cornyn is walking back the contnuation of this endless, losing battle.

The Democrats will have their filibusterproof Senate by the end of the month.

From Sam Stein:

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn seems to be softening his expectations for Norm Coleman's effort to appeal the Senate election in Minnesota.

The Texas Republican told CQ on Wednesday that he would leave it up to his former Senate colleague as to whether or not he should take his case to the federal level should the Minnesota State Supreme Court dismiss his appeal.

"I think it's entirely up to him," said Cornyn. "Frankly, I've been amazed that Sen. Coleman's been willing to persevere as long as he has, and I'm proud of him for doing that. I think we will support him until he decides to hang it up one way or another."


Part of the change may be simple politics. The NRSC has spent $750,000 on Coleman's recount, resources that could be used, down the road, for more favorable ventures. Part of it may be a growing sense that the legal appeals have yielded little promise.

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