Bush's Lawyer Shopping for Torture

Jason Leopold explains the details of how Bush' legal team worked the refs when it came to their detainee policies and how they got what they wanted by employee people who wouldn't stand in the way of their illegal goal: "legal" torture.

In 2005, after pushing out the Justice Department lawyer who had overturned President George W. Bush’s claimed authority to abuse “war on terror” prisoners, his administration reinstated key elements of the memos granting Bush virtually unlimited powers over the detainees.


The chronology of events – the White House collaborating with Yoo and Bybee to develop the memos after 9/11, Goldsmith and Comey then challenging them before being driven from their jobs, and Bradbury reviving the Yoo-Bybee arguments – provides further evidence that the Bush administration politicized the OLC’s traditional role of giving objective legal advice regarding the limits of presidential power.

In effect, Bush and his team appear to have “lawyer-shopped” for Justice Department officials who would give them legal cover to engage in torture and other actions that violated U.S. laws, international treaties and the U.S. Constitution.

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