Broadcasters promise plan to quiet TV ads by September

Thank. You.

When you live in an apartment as I do, and watch television late into the night, it's horrible when the sound suddenly doubles in volume -- and not just for me, but for my neighbors. This change couldn't take affect soon enough.

From McClatchy:

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers stepped aside Thursday and agreed to let broadcasters come up with a system for toning down loud TV ads.

However, they warned that if the broadcasters didn't tone down their act, they'd reintroduce a bill next year to make the Federal Communications Commission turn down the volume on loud commercials.

Industry leaders said they'd reach an agreement by September on what David Donovan, president of the Association for Maximum Service Television, called "recommended practice" for the sound levels of shows and ads.

"We get it," Donovan said of the loud ad complaints. "As a matter of pure economics, we do not want to lose viewers."


The FCC has been investigating loud ads since the 1960s, he added, and the industry-wide panel "has resolved more issues in two years than the government has in decades."


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