Barney Frank: Out the Fuckers

OK. OK. He didn't really say it like that. But that's the gist of what he's saying. And you know that's what he wanted to say.

While talking about the upcoming film, Outrage -- a film (about outing virulently anti-gay members of the political establishment for being gay themselves -- Frank explains he thinks is just fine to out the homophobes who do everything in their power to cover up their own secret sexuality while voting against the gay community as a whole whether it be with Don't Ask Don't Tell, Gay Marriage, or Hate Crimes legislation.

From his interview with GQ:

There’s a new movie out called Outrage, about closeted politicians. Do you still adhere to Barney Frank’s Rule about outing?
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I wouldn’t do it myself, but I think people who are hypocrites…The way I put it is, there’s a right to privacy but not to hypocrisy. Sarah Brady—you know who she is?

Yeah, James Brady’s wife—
Suppose you found out that she owned an Uzi. Would you think that should be public?

Same point. Or if a leading antiabortion person had a family member with an abortion. Or vice versa, or if a Democrat’s a tax evader. It’s hypocrisy.

Well, it sounds like the number one hypocrite in this movie is Charlie Crist.
I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know. I will say, without commenting on Crist, he has been much less antigay guy than a lot of others. So if it’s…You know, I differentiate between secrecy and hypocrisy. I think it becomes a problem when you’re a hypocrite and you’re a gay-basher.

When is it inappropriate to out someone?
If they’re not being antigay themselves. I think people have a right to privacy. But I don’t think you have a right to engage in an activity yourself and then try to make other people’s lives miserable for engaging in it. There’s no philosophical justification for that.

But you’ve seen hypocrisy among Democratic candidates that are closeted.
Not hypocrisy.

Closeted ones? There’s a few.
Hypocrisy means that they’re antigay. You’re confusing secrecy and hypocrisy. Sure there are closeted Democrats. There are closeted Republicans. What we’re outing is hypocrisy. I want to go after their hypocrisy, not their privacy.

But aren’t closeted Democrats in a sense being hypocritical to what the party stands for?
No. Look, the party doesn’t stand for everybody announcing his or her personal sexual orientation. The party stands for public policies that say you don’t discriminate.

But in an ideal world, it would be nice if everybody just came out.
Yes, but that doesn’t make you hypocritical. I’m a great believer in using words very specifically.

read more of this fascinating interview, especially what he things of Arlen Specter...

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