The Bachmann Comic: TPM's Review

It's here! The Bachmann comic book is here and TPM's Eric Kleefeld has his review:

We've received our review copy of "False Witness: The Michele Bachmann Story," the new comic book from our friends at the Dump Bachmann Web site, documenting the rise and extreme statements of our favorite House GOP backbencher, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN). It's now in print in Minnesota, and anybody can order it online. So how is it?

As both a comic book fan and a Bachmann fan, I quite enjoyed it, but my hope is that the first issue was really laying a foundation for more to come. This comic introduces us to Bachmann, but then doesn't so much focus on her as it does on the important information we need to truly understand her political prominence -- the nature of extreme right-wing culture that has bequeathed a politician such as her to our national dialogue.

Right from the cover, which has a wacky cartoonish feeling as if it were somehow pencilled by Sergio Aragones and inked by R. Crumb, you know we're dealing with a special politician:

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If you want to order a copy, click here.T

THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY! In COMIC BOOK form! Check out what Michele has to say in the cartoon below, then scroll down for a preview of the cover!

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