Ari Fleischer, Mike Pence, Mitt Romney Blame Obama While Crediting Bush for Iran's Failed or Succesful Reformer Movement

First we have the right hand of the GOP -- nutter Mike Pence and flip-flop king, Mitt Romney -- blaming Obama for the election fraud in Iran and the failed attempts by reformers; saying his "apology tour" - the GOP's new favorite foreign policy line attack against the President - as it's cause.

Here's possibly the dumbest man in congress next to Eric Cantor, Mike Pence:

Now, we have the left hand of the GOP -- Ari pathological liar Fleischer -- giving former moron Bush credit for Iran's reform movement (which only pooped up 3 weeks ago).

From Think Progress:

The Washington Post’s Al Kamen reports this morning that former Bush flack Ari Fleischer emailed fellow Post reporter Glenn Kessler before any results had been issued in Iran’s hotly-contested presidential election to give credit to his former boss for the “reformists’ surge” there. “[O]ne of the reasons there is a substantial reform movement in Iran — particularly among its young people — is because of George W. Bush’s tough policies,” Fleischer wrote. He continued:

“A big push for reform is because of the desire of Iranians to get out from sanctions, to put an end to the country’s international ostracism,” Fleischer wrote and, most interestingly, “because Shiites in particular see Shiites in Iraq having more freedoms than they do. Bush’s tough policies have helped give rise to the reformists and I think we’re witnessing that today.” [...]

So “I think it’s fair to say the George Bush’s Freedom Agenda planted seeds that have started to grow in the Middle East,” Fleischer concluded.

You've got to give these guys credit, they sure do have gigantic balls. Obama will be blamed for everything that Bush should be blamed for while Bush will be given credit for things that he actually made worse by his ignorant and disastrous foreign policy choices.


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