Antiabortion protesters jailed over protest at Focus on the Family

Who knew that there was infighting among the anti-abortion crowd? And that Focus on the Family's James Dobson is the moderate in this instance!?!?

From the Colorado Independent:

The longstanding feud between hard-line abortion foes American Right to Life Action and Focus on the Family founder James Dobson came to a head in a Colorado Springs courtroom Thursday.

Rev. Bob Enyart, a pastor at Denver Bible Church who proudly refers to himself as “America’s most popular self-proclaimed right-wing, religious fanatic, homophobic, anti-choice talk show host” was sentenced to nine days in the city pokey after refusing to pay a $400 fine for trespassing on the Focus campus.

Enyart, his brother Brian and fellow Denver Bible Church pastor Kenneth Scott were convicted May 8 in a one-day trial after the trio staged a Sept. 4 protest in the reception area of the multi-million dollar Christian ministry and publishing empire.

The Enyarts and Scott are longtime fixtures on the national antiabortion protest scene and are loosely connected to violent militia groups. Focus spokeswoman Lisa Anderson asked the judge to consider the safety of ministry employees and visitors when handing down the sentences.

The group’s ongoing beef with Dobson is that he’s not antiabortion enough. After attempting to deliver a letter to Focus president James Daly deploring Dobson’s endorsement of 2008 Republican presidential nominee John McCain, American Right to Life Action members staged an hour long standoff with ministry security, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

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