After exclusive access, softball interviews during Bush admin, Fox News blasts ABC for White House exclusive

Hypocrisy, thy name is Fox "news." Beside the fact that it's absurd to think of ABC being in Obama's pocket, it's so obvious that Fox uses this tactic of projection as a tool to deflect the truth about their own sordid history. They rail against the "liberal media" when in fact that there's media, and then there's Fox. They railed against NBC for "being in the tank" for Obama during the election when even a deaf, dumb and blind person knows that their support for Bush/Cheney and rethugs as a whole isn't just occasional, but part of Roger Ailes' stated manifesto. Now their accusing ABC of all the things they had been doing for the last eight years, namely proselytizing a political agenda for a president opposite of with which they have given their stamp of approval.

Oh, the irony!

From Media Matters:

Fox News hosts and guests have been critical of ABC News over reports of a June 24 prime-time special, "Questions for the President: Prescription for America," to be broadcast exclusively by ABC News from the White House. One host, for example, agreed with a Republican National Committee complaint that ABC's special "will become a glorified infomercial" for the Obama administration. But in expressing concerns about the ABC News broadcast, those on Fox News did not make any attempt to distinguish -- nor even mention -- the extraordinary access Fox News had to President Bush, Vice President Cheney and other high-ranking administration members, using those opportunities to lob softball questions and provide an uncritical platform for administration talking points.


But such criticism ignores the fact that the Bush administration repeatedly gave exclusive access to Fox News, which often used such opportunities to ask softball questions and run specials about the administration. For instance:

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