The Youngest Candidate - A Jason Pollock Film

Check out this cool new project from Indie filmmaker and Brookyn, New York''s, Jason Pollock (via UberDragon):

Today I was reminded of this spirit when I saw Jason Pollock send out a tweet about his new film “The Youngest Candidate“. First I have alot of respect for independant film makers, I knew a handful of them in New Orleans, and there is alot of energy in the work. But as I took a look at what the film was about I knew I had to share. First from the website here is the film’s synopsis:

“It follows the story of 4 teens that ran for public office in America. Funny, inspiring, poignant, and ultimately uplifting, ‘The Youngest Candidate’ is not just a film about running for office. It is the coming of age story of four idealistic young adults who dared to confront the corrupt political systems in America. Through their journey these young candidates learn about fair play, leadership development, racism in politics, the importance of family, and many other lessons that they will carry with them throughout their lives. In the face of great adversity, these four young adults braved all the odds to make it to Election Day to show that regardless of the outcome, it didn’t matter… It’s all about how you play the game.”


Follow Jason Pollack (who just happens to be pretty cute as well) on Twitter.
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