White House Armed With Talking Points For Sotomayor Fight--Evoke Her 'Empathy' | TPMDC

The White is prepared for the right-wing's attacks on Sotomayor:

From TPM's Brian Beutler:

The nomination of Sonia Sotomayor isn't even official yet, and already, conservatives are revving up their attack engines.

But the White House is prepared. And, interestingly, they're doubling down on the descriptions of Sotomayor's career and character that conservatives object to the most. "Sonia Sotomayor...brings not only brilliance in the law but a common sense understanding of how the law practically works."

According to the memo, "Judge Sotomayor is widely admired as a judge with a sophisticated grasp of legal doctrine and a keen awareness of the law's impact on everyday life."

The language is reminiscent of the speech Obama gave after the news of Justice David Souter's retirement broke, when he declared that he wanted an empathic nominee, with an understanding of how the law effects regular people. Almost immediately conservatives went on a politically questionable attack against 'empathy' as a proxy for their usual argument that judges should not be "activists.

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