WAMBULANCE ALERT: WSJ's John Fund angry president laughed during Sykes routine

I love how these guys keep digging. Only the beltway blowhards who laugh at Rush comparing Dems to terrorists or making fun of Michal J. Fox's Parkinson's and "Barack the Magic Negro," could possibly not get the irony of their feigned outraged when it's directed at their big, fat, drug addicted mascot.

From DailyKosTV:

The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund is furious that President Obama laughed during Wanda Sykes’ comedy routine on Saturday night — particularly her bit mocking Rush Limbaugh — and thinks the president ought to issue a statement criticizing Sykes’ performance. Seriously. Fund wants a statement....

Maybe this moron should take out his rage on Michael Steele before lambasting the president. After all, it’s Michael Steele who laughed during Wanda Sykes’ joke about Sarah Palin and abstinence.

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