UGH: David Gregory To Anchor Weekly Hour On MSNBC

Because all other @davidgregory MSNBC show's have been so successful...

While still being able to claim the #1 mantle for Sunday news shows, ratings for "Meet the Press" have dropped significantly since this putz of a right ring tool took over. Every show, EVERY SHOW he has had on MSNBC has failed miserably. And now, MSNBC wants to give more time on the air? To draw in younger viewers? Brilliant.

From HuffPo:

Just one day after announcing Dylan Ratigan would join the network as a weekday anchor from 9-11 AM, the Baltimore Sun's David Zurawik gets David Gregory on the record saying he'll be hosting a weekly MSNBC hour, possibly Wednesdays at 11AM:

When asked for specifics on the heightened MSNBC presence, Gregory said, "What I'm going to try to do is appear where I'll be anchoring an hour once a week at this stage, because I want to be a presence on all of our platforms. And our cable operation MSNBC is terrific....We haven't worked out the details, but the thinking is we'll try to do it Wednesdays at 11 a.m."

The plan is part of Gregory and NBC News' plan to "bring his generation of younger viewers into the Meet the Press tent on Sunday mornings."

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