Things about Sonia Sotomayor I should have blogged today...

...were it not for the always reliable Time Warner Cable of New York:

Nutters are losing it over Sonia Sotomayor:

Sotomayor Spark Lights Intra-GOP Conflagration

Sotomayor Sparks GOP Race War

Limbaugh: Nominating Sotomayor Like Nominating David Duke

Beck suggests ACORN founders were inspired by "strategy" to "transform" U.S. "into a socialist-Marxist state" | Media Matters for America

Beck's Red Scare: Sotomayor appointment more evidence of a Marxist "hostile takeover" of the U.S.A. | Media Matters for America

Beck calls Sotomayor a "racist," who "is not that bright" and "divisive" | Media Matters for America

Hannity: We Should Take Note Of Only The Bad Things Anonymous Lawyers Have Said About Sotomayor

Savage guest host Kuhner: Sotomayor believes "that America is a racist, sexist, homophobic and misogynist society" | Media Matters for America

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