Teh Stoopid, It Burns!!! Or...Elections Have Consequences.

If you want a good laugh and some heartening news this morning, read this short piece from Dko's wmtriallawyer -- who is pretty certain about his claims that Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor is a done deal. And, if you follow him regularly, he's usually right

So enjoy:

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I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to be amused...or upset...or just shaking my head at the pathetic. But I think I'll take Door #3, please.

Let me state the foregone conclusion that seems to be getting lost on the punditry, some bloggers, and a few in the mainstream media:

Welcome to the Supreme Court, Madame Justice Sotomayor.

Yeah, you heard me right. JUSTICE Sotomayor. It's a done deal by the August recess...and she'll be confirmed by more than 70 votes.

Let me say again: it's a done deal. That's for all you out there claiming that JUSTICE Sotomayor doesn't have the intellectual chops to be on the Supreme Court...despite the fact your OWN intellectual prowess demonstrates you failed 3rd Grade math.


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