SUNDAY LOON WATCH: Repubs love Dick, hate empathy

Jed put together a great video this week. It's pretty amazing that our so-called librul media spends som much time playing stenographer to the right-wing has-beens and outright nutters. It's as if rethugs contril the Senate, House and the Oval Office.

From DailyKosTV:

- Karl Rove is angry at Powell for telling Limbaugh to pipe down (it was actually former Powell aide Lawrence Wilkerson who said that);

- Rove, Newt Gingrich, and Jon Kyl all get behind Dick Cheney;

- Gingrich engages in some classic fear-mongering, and says his opponents are defending terrorists (they’re actually defending the Constitution);

- Fox wonders if “empathy” is a code word, George Will slams the idea of empathy in a Supreme Court justice, and Kyl says he may filibuster President Obama’s nominee because he’s worried about empathy;

- and finally, Gingrich says he’s thinking about thinking about running for president and will grace us with a decision in 2011.

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