Slippery Dope: O'Reilly/Fox "News" dingbats warn of "triads" w/ Legalized Gay Marriage


From Media Matters:

In recent days, Fox News has repeatedly warned that the legalization of same-sex marriage could lead to the eventual legalization of polyamorous marriage. For example, a May 7 headline on Fox News' website FoxNation.com stated, "Are 'Triad' Marriages Next?" under an image of a rainbow flag. The headline linked to New York Times columnist Abby Ellin's May 7 article for The Daily Beast on the polyamorous community, which reported that the World Polyamory Association "is pushing for the next frontier of less-traditional codified relationships. This community has even come up with a name for what the rest of the world generally would call a committed threesome: the 'triad.' " Since then, several Fox News hosts -- including Bill O'Reilly, Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, and Glenn Beck -- have echoed The Fox Nation's suggestion that same-sex marriage will lead to "Triad" marriages. For example:

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