Sestak on Specter: We Don't Need The GOPs Benedict Arnolds

I wouldn't have minded Arlen, knowing he'd be mostly conservative, but after a full first week as a Democrat with his non-stop declarations of disdain for all Democratic causes, what's the point?

Joe Sestak is far to conservative for my tastes, but at least he's a real Democrat. He's a Clinton, Corp. Democrat and we have far too many in the party already. But again, at least he'd vote for Cloture (and EFCA, Obama's Supremes, etc).

From TPM:

Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) hasn't been shy about criticizing Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) for switching parties last week, but his harshest words came last night in an interview with TPMDC:

"He left the fight," said the former admiral and highest ranking military man ever to serve in Congress. "In the military, we just don't leave fights."

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This was just from the first week of Senator Arlen Specter’s Democratic career:
• Specter said he won’t be that 60th vote.
• Specter won’t support Obama’s nominee for OLC, Dawn Johnsen.
• Specter voted no on Obama's budget, his first vote as a Democrat.
• Specter won’t support “The Employee Free Choice Act.”
• Specter won't back a “key component of Obama's health care plan.”
• Specter actually recoiled during a denial about his promise “he would be a loyal Democrat" on this week’s Meet the Press.
• And just today it was reported that Specter thinks “Norm Coleman should be seated.”

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