Sessions Could Support Pro-Choice/Gay Supreme Court Nominee

Um. Wow? Limpdick is going to have a field day. I bet he retracts by noon tomorrow.

From HuffPo:

In an appearance on Fox News, the Alabama Republican said he did not "believe in a litmus test," and was comfortable with a judge who had "a different view on abortion than I have." Such a judge, he added, could "still receive my vote."

Asked, specifically, if a pro-choice nominee would could potentially get his backing once he or she was brought to the committee, Sessions replied: "yes"

"I would like to know how they analyze the logic behind Roe vs. Wade," he said. "If they are faithful to the law, then we can get along pretty well."


Sessions [also] said he was not "inclined to think that" a nominee's sexuality was "an automatic disqualification." Several of Obama's potential choices are openly gay.

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