Sen. Ben Nelson must be primaried.

Time and time again, Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska has either stood in the way of his fellow Democrats and a President who just won an overwhelming victory this past November (see his upcoming threat for the health care debate) and the President's response), or outright right sabotaged their plans (see his obstructionist role in the Economic Stimulus Plan debate).

Now, over the weekend there were two stories about the Senator that made me want punch my monitor. The first was his opposition to Closing Guantánamo (and the President plans for the detainees).

From Think Progress:

This morning, Fox News Sunday hosted a debate on national security between Sen. John Kyl (R-AZ) and Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE), but it turned out that the two senators agreed on most issues. Nelson declared that trials of Guantanamo detainees should not take place in the United States and detainees should not be imprisoned here. He distinguished between terrorists like the Blind Sheikh — who “committed violations of American law” — and those at Guantanamo to say the latter should be kept out of the U.S.

Nelson also seemed to suggest that torture — or “enhanced techniques,” as he called it — could be used in the future:

Read more on why this is nothing more than a right-wing talking point...

And then, there was his threat to filibuster Obama's Supreme court nominee.

From HuffPo's Sam Stein:

President Obama said on Saturday that a Supreme Court nominee is coming soon, but Republicans in the Senate have spent weeks working to frame the type of judicial resume that would be unacceptable on the bench. On Sunday, the GOP got what could be a bit of a boost, as a key moderate Democrat left the door open to filibustering a possible Obama Court nominee.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Sen. Ben Nelson warned the president against appointing an activist judge to replace the retiring David Souter. In the process, the Nebraska Democrat acknowledged that the scenario could present itself where he joined the GOP in voting against cloture.


He has to go.
He must be primaried.

This man us bought and paid for by big banks, big insurance and is a shill for anything anti-union, but worst of all, he's and a staunch social conservative who keeps standing in the way of Obama's nominees becuase of his stance on abortion. Arlen Specter is more of a Democrat than this piece of shit is.

And on top of it all, like Sen. Evan Bayh, he spends more time on Fox News than most rethugs.

He has to go.
He must be primaried.

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