Sean Hannity's Cowardice

Military.com is reporting on Sean Hannity's cowardice within their piece on hate-radio host who had himself waterboarded to prove it wasn't torture, but ended up declaring it was.

""Look, all that has been done to this country, and I heard about water being dropped on someone's face, and I never considered it torture," he said. "Even as I was laying there I thought, 'This is going to be no big deal.' I go swimming, it's going to be like being in the tub ... I thought I could hold out for 30 seconds, 60 seconds -- it was instantaneous, and I don't want to say this, I do not want to say this: absolutely torture."
Hannity won't even return their repeated calls and emails (h/t @USArugula):
For his experience, Mancow picked up $10,000 for Veterans for Valor from Olbermann. Olbermann originally made the offer as a challenge to Sean Hannity, host of the Fox News show bearing his name. Hannity -- like Mancow -- has claimed that waterboarding is not torture, and on April 22 said he would agree to undergo waterboarding to raise money for a charity to benefit military families.

The next night, Olbermann pledged to donate $1,000 per second for however long Hannity could last under waterboarding. And if Hannity acknowledged afterward that it was torture, Olbermann said he would double the amount.

Hannity never responded to Olbermann's challenge. Repeated calls and emails from Military.com to Hannity to learn if he planned to take Olbermann up on his offer were not returned.

Olbermann, during his show May 22, said he would drop his challenge to Hannity because of what Mancow did. He is donating $10,000 to Veterans of Valor.

"With [this] development, the point is moot," he said. "Mancow Muller had the guts to put his mouth where his mouth was, and the guts to admit he was dead wrong -- as you saw, he not only said it is torture, but that he had nearly drowned as a boy, and it is drowning, and that he would have admitted to anything to make it stop."

Hannity won't even return their repeated calls and emails.

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