Rumsfeld: The Reckoning

David Frum calls on conservatives to to start acknowledging their past fuck ups: how the Bush admin royally screwed up their Iraq 'adventure' and how Rummy was a key part in that fuck up. We'll at least he wants them to acknowledge most it:

From David Frum:

Robert Draper’s GQ account of fingerprinting by former Bush officials against Donald Rumsfeld is the media story of the week. Yet a quick tour of the conservative blogosphere finds it mentioned almost nowhere. Our good friend Allahpundit at HotAir.com has a brief synopsis, but other than that … blank, nothing, nada.

Which is a big shame. This is a piece conservatives need to read and understand – although for very different reasons from the reasons that have led liberals to read it with shocked fascination.

Conservatives should be focused instead on a very different question – an unpleasant one, but one absolutely essential to our indispensable, inevitable but still postponed reckoning with the legacy of the Bush administration.

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