Rethugs Concede: Little Chance of Derailing High Court Pick

From the WaPo:

Conservative groups concede that they have little chance of derailing Obama's choice, barring a scandal. The looming battle provides a striking example of the sea change that has swept over Washington in the past three years, with Obama in the White House and Democrats close to controlling 60 seats in the Senate.


When John G. Roberts Jr. was nominated to the Supreme Court as chief justice, a pro-Republican group called Progress for America had $18 million in the bank.

But Progress for America is now defunct and Republicans are in the political wilderness, leaving a smattering of opposition groups to make the conservative case against whomever President Obama chooses to replace retiring Justice David H. Souter.


Liberal groups such as People for the American Way and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights -- which were part of the opposition on judicial fights during the Bush years -- now find themselves ramping up in favor of a nominee who will have the backing of the White House and Senate leaders. Democrats also have a number of new groups, including the Obama-backed Organizing for America project at the Democratic National Committee, that can throw weight behind a nominee.

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