Republican Political Hackery and the Hate Crimes Bill

I guess the certain members of the "Permanent Republican Majority" have their own polling numbers where what they say & do is as popular as ever and it's Democrats who are on the ropes - like Karl Rove had HIS numbers in 2006? So, it's no surprise that they continue spewing their hateful rhetoric the way they do.

From Bob Cesca:

During the same historic week in which marriage equality was passed in Maine, the Republicans -- the self-proclaimed party of emancipation and "the liberty tree" -- attempted to derail hate crimes legislation with some political trickery that succeeded in allowing Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh to accuse the Democrats of protecting pedophiles. Stay with me on this.

Rep. Steve King (R-Batshittia) introduced an amendment to the hate crimes bill calling for the term "sexual orientation" to exclude "pedophiles" even though the bill specifically defines sexual orientation as "consensual homosexuality or heterosexuality." Pedophelia, as everyone knows, is nonconsensual no matter who engages in it.

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