Sen. Lindsay Graham: GOP “closer to America” than Obama

Well, as we all know, Lindsay is pretty good at the "denial" thing.

From DailyKosTV:

Lindsay is upbeat about the GOP’s prospects because, he says, the GOP’s “politics is closer to America” than Obama. Graham also says that he thinks Michael Steele is doing a great job as RNC chairman, & that with the right mix of candidates, Repubs are poised to take back the majority in Congress.

Watch (and imagine whatever Lindsay must be smoking):

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UPDATE: Here's what Dkos' BarbinMD had to say:
Do you really want to go there, Lindsey? Currently, the President is viewed favorably by 70% of the country, versus the Republican Party's pitiful 22% favorability rating, and that isn't just among young people. Graham must just be looking at polling from the rump. And yes, by all means, repair the damage with Hispanics by embracing real immigration reform. Then say adios to what's left of your meager base.

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