Preacher Huck's Name Game

We all know being a man of god really means nothing to those who try to ram their beliefs down our throats while hiding behind their preacher label (see Joe Watkins), but sometimes, like in this case with holier-than-almost no one, Mike Huckabee, their true nature, the incipid fear of people not like them shines through so brightly that it strips any aw shucks pretense down to its core - down to the point that even the most gullabel in the media shouldn't still be able to ignore.

From The Rachel Maddow Show (via DailyKosTV):

In a statement opposing her, Mike Huckabee referred to Sonia Sotomayor as “Maria.” Were there racial overtones in this slip up? Rachel Maddow is joined by MSNBC political analyst Eugene Robinson.


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