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Greg Sargent looks at an interesting Poll on the CIA vs. Nancy Pelosi. She get's more support. Rethugs can't win can they? For 100+ days they called Obama every name in the book, fear-mongering beyond anything I'v ever seen, saying, no, no no, to everything he has proposed - and that was before the Fox-induced teabaggings - and all polls showed him maintaining or even gaining more support all the way through. And now after a weeks of deflecting and trying to claim Pelosi is just as guilty as them and their war-criminal they support, nada!

Hardy har har.

From Greg Sargent (by way of Jason Linkins):

An interesting new Rasmussen poll finds that a plurality thinks it’s likely that Nancy Pelosi was right to say that the CIA misled her about the use of torture:

How likely is it that the CIA misled Pelosi about the use of waterboarding when interrogating prisoners?

20% Very likely
23% Somewhat likely
19% Not very likely
22% Not at all likely
16% Not sure

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